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Blog posts February 2017

The Importance of Audio Recording Studios: Nadel Paris

Music is completely artistic and gives pleasure to people. Both the artist and the audience get immense joy on playing and listening to music. It gives great excitement and every artist need to have creative and professional support. An audio recording studio is the immense need whether you are a so…

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Dancing Styles & Dance Moves for Beginners

There are so many different genres of dance that one can feel overwhelmed when he or she thinks of learning to dance. However it is not as complicated as it seems. 
Firstly, to excel at a certain style it may take years of practice, to be able to cope with several types of dancing is not quite…

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Where Can A Female Vocalist Find Inspiration?

One of the qualities of a good female vocalist is having the ability to write her own songs. And writing good songs comes from a good inspiration. This inspiration can come from a wide range of personal experiences. It can come from love or hurt or a new experience. Singers can also be inspired by o…

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The Link between Performing and Practicing Music: Nadel Paris

A perception exists that performing and practicing music are two different activities. It is true that learning the basics of music is an exercise which is highly important and without this, true performing cannot be undertaken to the highest ability. However, the relationship between performing and…

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Learn the Superior Singing Method and become a better vocalist!

Singing has become a more sought after act that people want to learn and be better at. With more reality shows showcasing the common man as artist people want to learn singing properly and sing in a better way. More people want to learn singing and other stuff and they want to participate in these r…

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