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Nadel Paris Tips to Promote a Concert

In order to ensure maximum attendance and promoting a concert, it is important to make use of various ways and means and strategies to make more and more people aware about a concert being organized. If you are curious about how to promote concerts, continue reading this article by Nadel Paris. To b…

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Synthpop - Electronic Music For the Masses

As the forerunner of modern electronic music, synthpop was the first genre of music dominated by synthesizers. Early synthpop has its origins set firmly in the age of vintage analog synthesis, when the music software of today was still decades away from becoming a reality. Some of the first "pre-syn…

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Hiphop Beats with Modern Music Production

It is possible to have a hit single from hiphop beats online right out of the box depending on what is laid over them in regard to vocal melodies and hooks. However, making it in the music business generally requires a great deal more effort then simply vocalizing over a downloaded instrumental. We …

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