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How to Sharpen Your Musical Skills? By Nadel Paris

When it comes down to the things we like to do, us humans find gratification and motivation in improving ourselves and becoming the best in the crowd. Due to the elevated level of competition there is on this highly populated planet, the chances of becoming the best - literally speaking - are slim for most of us. Through instruction and practice, however, we have the ability to maximize our overall efficiency and steadily increase our full potential. For optimum performance, it's essential to feel comfortable and orientated with every aspect of your instrument of choice and its field. As you acquire more knowledge, not only will you have a backbone of information, but you will also feel more qualified and comfortable to play, giving place to your creative side to come out boundlessly.

In the first place, one way to improve your music play is to expand your music playing horizons. Do you play guitar? You've probably tried the bass but, why not learn some beats in the drums, the keyboards, or harmonica? You don't have to become an expert at it, but learning the basic skill and base to different instruments will not only increase your music span; it will also develop further understanding between you and other players. Each instrument representing a different language, communication widens the more languages we speak.


Another aspect that is important to tackle in order to become a better player is learning to read through the music. Familiarize yourself with music theory and it will open your mind to understanding the logic and natural laws behind it. Were you aware that you can predict with 85% certainty what chord will follow in most musical arrangements? Observations on the chord family theory "Circle of 4ths" sustain that.


If you learn to see through sheet music and understand the composition as a whole instead of just focusing on the individual notes, you will be able to know what to expect out of a music piece. In addition, it will aid in your improvisational skills as it will simplify your work when it comes to filling, transitioning and such. In addition to expanding your instrument and music theory knowledge, it's essential to keep an open mind to different types of music. You will find that by making yourself acquainted with several music genres as well as local and international bands; your perception of the music culture will broaden, enabling you to learn by association the compatibility of diverse harmonics and various musical styles.


The final element to mention, perhaps one of the most important Nadel Paris believes, is practice. By practicing you subject yourself to experiences of repeated action; the more experiences you have, the easier it becomes to predict the behavior of your instrument. In addition, you build and reinforce muscle memory, where your neuromuscular system becomes used to and memorizes the muscles and patterns you utilize to play. Practice will also build your self confidence and help you get to know your instrument. It will also provide you with consistency and continuity; fundamentals of any learning process.


Instruct yourself about the different aspects that surround your field of choice and gain greater comprehension by doing so. Becoming a better player won't happen overnight, yet it will be gratifying to feel secure with your play and to see the results of your work and effort. Aim to be the best, but remember there will always be something new to learn tomorrow.

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